Chrono Pugna

Ludum Dare 37 game entry. Local multiplayer 2D game for 2 to 4 players. Theme: One Room

Time travellers find themselves inside a time machine and they want to get back home. Unfortunately they come from opposite times and the machine can only hold one teleport! Fight against the other team in order to go back to your time.

Pick up batteries being carried by rats that live inside the machinery before the other team in order to travel to your time.




It is highly recommended to play with controller when available. The game has been optimized for Xbox (360) controllers for both Windows and Mac (Linux should work too).

Default keyboard controls:

Player 1

  • w,a,s,d to move
  • g to shoot
  • h to kick
  • space to jump

Player 2

  • up, left, down, right arrow keys to move
  • right shift to shoot
  • p to kick
  • right ctrl to jumptutorial


  • Giancarlo Dessena
  • Oriol Ribas
  • Sergio R. Lumley
  • Marta Viader


Uses Unity 5.5.0f3

Known missing features

  • Current build works for only two players (future versions could hold 4 easily).
  • Rats should damage you when they hit you



Download 32 MB
Download 19 MB


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GOOD NEWS!!! controls are fixed. Game now has sounds and ammo is now displayed.

enjoy playing ;)

NOTE: This is best played with controllers :D

Added the mac version to downloa